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Artificial satellites -- Mars (Planet)

Odyssey Telecommunications

As part of a series of design and performance summaries of several different NASA spacecraft, this 78-page report addresses the communications systems of the Mars Odyssey, which is orbiting the red planet. Beginning with an overview of Odyssey's mission objectives and phases, the report then delves into specifics of X-Band and UHF telecommunication. Odyssey is equipped with technology that allows...
Exploring Mars

NASA has blasted into the new year by not only landing a robotic vehicle (the Rover Spirit) on the surface of Mars, but also by transmitting the best photographs ever captured of the red planet. With that, Spirit is now preparing to meander about the surface of Mars and collect specimens of rock and soil -- the return of which is anxiously awaited by scientists worldwide. Spirit landed and made...
Mars Exploration Rover Coverage

With so many exciting discoveries taking place on Mars, it may be hard to know about all the latest developments. In an attempt to deal with this quandary, NASA has developed this web site to provide real-time coverage of the Agency's endeavors. Through the use of RealOne Player or Windows Media Player, visitors can view an assortment of educational programs on live NASA TV. The website supplies...
NOVA: Is There Life On Mars?

This NOVA website presents key questions that the NASA rovers are attempting to answer during their mission to Mars. Users can discover why liquid water is a necessity for life as we know it. By exploring the interactive modules, students can learn the anatomy of a rover and how a parachute is designed for the Mars Rover Mission. The site offers an hour-long movie about the Mars landscape and the...