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Physics -- Computer simulation.

John Hopkins University: Signals Systems Control

The demonstrations given on this Web site are a collection of Java applets and RealAudio clips that explain many underlying concepts of math and engineering. They were developed at John Hopkins University for a project that attempts to use the technology of the World Wide Web in engineering education. Students, under the supervision of electrical and computer engineering professor Dr. Rugh, have...
NTNU Virtual Physics Laboratory

This repository of Java applets, created to demonstrate principles of physics, is provided by physicist Fu-Kwun Hwang of the National Taiwan Normal University. 40 applets are available at this time in the fields of mechanics, dynamics, waves, thermodynamics, electromagnetic field and optics. Although the applets are accompanied by sparse explanatory information, the Virtual Physics Laboratory...
engAPPLETS: Java Applets for Engineering Education

The Java applets presented on this Web site teach concepts that every engineering student will encounter in undergraduate courses. Developed at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute with a grant from the National Science Foundation, the applets fall into three main categories: statics, dynamics, and fluid dynamics. There are several specific topics in each of these sections, which demonstrate... History of the Slinky

Did you know the Slinky was invented in 1945 by a Naval Engineer? This article from gives a history of the slinky. Apparently the engineer was working on developing a meter that would monitor horsepower on naval battleships when he discovered the way the tension springs he was working with kept moving after they fell to the ground. As the story goes, "Richard remarked to his wife Betty,...
The Physics Classroom: Shockwave Physics Studios

On this interactive site, visitors with a penchant for velocity-time graphs, kinematics, and the world of motion will be well-served. Created as part of "The Physics Classroom" portfolio of educational materials, this collection of interactive Shockwave files simulate a series of physical situations. Visitors to the site can manipulate a variable in each activity and observe the outcome. All told,...
Interactive Physics Simulations

At the top of this site's homepage, visitors will see a banner that proclaims "Over 70 million simulations delivered." Needless to say, the Interactive Physics Simulations site is quite popular, and the offerings here can be used in the classroom or by persons with a general curiosity about static electricity, alpha decay, and other related topics. The site is sponsored by a range of institutions,...
Physics Animations

If you would like a taste of classical mechanics in an animated form, this website is right up your alley. This site from the physics department at the University of Toronto offers up over 100 helpful animations that cover quantum mechanics, vectors, waves, relativity, and optics. Visitors can scroll through the topical headings to look for items of interest and should note the entire website is...