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View Resource Introduction to Microengineering

This site provides an in-depth introduction to microengineering. A detailed outline of the site is provided up front so users can select a specific microengineering topic, or start from the very beginning to learn the basics. Both text and graphics are used to convey the techniques and applications of microengineering. A link to an introduction to microsystems, microsensors, and microactuators...
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StartSpot Mediaworks, creators of the well-regarded, have recently announced the launch of three new Spot sites. Like the original, these new sites are very user-friendly portals to relevant sites and resources. Each site has a similar layout, with subsections such as Must See sites, In the News, By the Numbers, Themes, You Asked For It, and On Exhibit in the main right-hand side...
View Resource Engineer On A Disk

Engineer On A Disk is a great resource for any undergraduate engineering student studying for a fundamentals exam. The material covered on the site spans nearly every engineering discipline and is maintained by a professor at Grand Valley State University. Topics include circuits, materials, computer programming and hardware, mechanical device design, mechatronics, quality control, manufacturing...
View Resource Motion Control

While this site is considered a news source, it is perhaps best used as an educational reference for mechanical engineering topics. A very interesting section called Brushing Up is periodically updated with a new article describing one of the "core principles governing physics and the laws of motion." Fun with Fundamentals is another feature geared mainly for high school students. Here, a...
View Resource A. Astaneh's Homepage

A civil engineering professor at the University of California at Berkeley is working on a novel way of maintaining a building's structural stability after an earthquake or terrorist bomb. The team of researchers working with the professor have designed and tested a system that uses cables for backup support in case main support beams failed. This site is the homepage of the professor leading this...
View Resource The ASEE EngineeringK12 Center

Developed by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), the EngineeringK12 Center provides resources for grade school students, parents, and teachers that promote the discipline. Most of the site's content is found in the Readings section, where users can browse articles from the ASEE Prism magazine and the Journal of Engineering Education, as well as papers presented at the ASEE...
View Resource Transportation Engineering: Online Lab Manual

The University of Idaho hosts this outstanding collection of educational materials and laboratories related to transportation engineering. The topics introduced on the site are intended to supplement a junior-level course on the subject and are commonly viewed as "the most important ones that civil engineering graduates need to understand." Each chapter of the lab manual contains detailed theory...
View Resource BOWest Pty Ltd: Electrical & Project Engineering

An Australian consulting company maintains this valuable Internet resource for electrical engineers. Many theorems and formulae are included, ranging from fundamental voltage and current laws to transformers and three-phase circuits. The site lists common practices for reducing circuits into simpler representations, which facilitates the process of circuit analysis. Anyone who designs or evaluates...
View Resource Educator's Corner: Engineering and the Guitar, Part I

This series of five introductory modules comes from Agilent Technologies' massive Educator's Corner Web site. It is mainly intended to teach high school students about some of the most fundamental principles of engineering, using a guitar to demonstrate concepts like frequency and tensile strength. At the same time, the material stresses the importance of critical thinking and taking an analytical...
View Resource Howstuffworks: How a Block and Tackle Works presents clear, well-written articles for the layperson in many areas such as Earth Science, Engineering, Military and the Supernatural. In this article, written by Marshall Brain, one can learn the secrets of force-multiplying devices. For example, how a block and tackle (an arrangement of ropes and pulleys such as on a crane or sailboat rigging) works to trade force for...
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