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View Resource National Cryptologic Museum

The National Cryptologic Museum, operated by the National Security Agency (NSA), highlights many historically significant events, devices, and people in the world of cryptology. This Web site gives brief descriptions of many exhibits showcased at the museum. Some of the most intriguing exhibits include the Civil War, the "Big" Machines, the Codetalkers, the VENONA Project, and the Hall of Honor....
View Resource Cryptography

Cryptography is an ancient science, but, with the rise of the information age, computers have brought it to a whole new level. Online privacy and national security both depend on encryption, and maintaining a strong standard is more important than ever. The National Security Agency (NSA) maintains a fun and educational site for kids (1). Children can navigate through Cryptic Manor and solve...
View Resource Quantum Information Technology

From the research laboratories of Hewlett Packard, Quantum Information Technology provides an informative look at current work in quantum information processing and communication (QIPC). The report, published in November 2002, recognizes the potential applications of QIPC and how it could revolutionize conventional information technology. It cites cryptography, quantum computers, and quantum...
View Resource Cryptology ePrint Archive

The International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) maintains this archive of nearly 400 research papers on various topics in cryptology. Contents date back to 1996, and new material is posted most weeks. Papers generally describe original theories about a certain topic, analyses of cryptologic methods, or proofs of specific equations. Anyone can submit their research for possible...
View Resource An Overview of Cryptography

Gary Kessler, a computer networking professor at Champlain College, is the author of this online introduction to cryptography. The material covers three main types of encryption and their applications, trust models, cryptographic algorithms, and much more. One of the most common areas that employs encryption techniques is the Internet, where it allows users to safely transmit private information...
View Resource Technical Report: Decimalisation Table Attacks for PIN Cracking

An extremely controversial find by two University of Cambridge researchers has exposed a security weakness in the cryptographic systems used by banks to store personal identification numbers for automatic teller machine cards. The discovery is described in a February 2003 technical report, which states that the vulnerability can be exploited by malicious users to crack the PIN in fifteen guesses,...
View Resource Algorithms in the "Real World"

Algorithms in the "Real World" is a computer science class at Carnegie Mellon University. While the Course Versions links have information primarily related to each semester's offerings, the rest of the material on this site provides an excellent introduction of the subject matter for anyone who is interested. The lecture notes, which are neatly organized and could easily be made into a book,...
View Resource Beyond Discovery: The Code War

This fascinating article explores the history and development of cryptography. Published in February 2003 by a division of the National Academy of Sciences, the article has substantial information on the applications of encryption in today's wired world. Additionally, it looks back at some of the most important breakthroughs related to number theory, spanning over two millennia. Some mildly...
View Resource Design Flow for HW / SW Acceleration Transparency in the ThumbPod Secure Embedded System

ThumbPod is an embedded system being designed at the University of California at Los Angeles to process fingerprint information. It will be biometrically secure, and hence will have applications in credit card transactions, secure data storage, and any area that requires identity verification. This research paper, presented at the Design Automation Conference in June 2003, describes the design...
View Resource Cryptography: Descriptions of Historical Ciphers

Cryptography is an extremely important field in modern information security, but this website diverges from today's high-tech methods to look at the historical use and development of cryptographic ciphers. Two interesting stories about Edgar Allen Poe and Julius Caesar describe the work in cryptography done by these two notable figures. Several famous ciphers are described, including the simple...
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