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View Resource AMD and Intel Reach Gigahertz Mark

On Monday, months ahead of schedule and six years after Intel broke the 100 megahertz mark with great fanfare, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced the release of the first one-gigahertz personal computer microprocessor. Although it had not planned to do so until the second half of this year, Intel responded to the challenge by releasing its own one-gigahertz Pentium III processor. These new...
View Resource IBM: Scaling CMOS to the Limit

This is the latest issue of the IBM Journal of Research and Development. "This double issue contains fifteen papers which address the challenges of scaling CMOS devices as physical limits are approached." Specifically, research teams report on topics such as silicon-on-insulator technology, new CMOS materials and device structures, dynamic random-access memory, and many others. The papers provide...
View Resource Hot Chips: A Symposium on High Performance Chips

The Hot Chips conference was held in August 2002, and the presentations from the event were recently released online. The symposium was centered on high performance processors and the technologies used to design them. Many presentations are from key industry representatives who described cutting-edge microarchitectures and implementations such as the Itanium 2, GeForce4, and more. Others are from...
View Resource Ars Technica: CPU and Chipset Guide

An informative collection of articles on computer hardware and operation is presented by Ars Technica. Many of the more recent articles (July 2002 to February 2003) have shifted from focusing on specific technologies and platforms to explaining basic principles of computer architecture. This includes "pipelining and superscalar execution," bandwidth and latency, multithreading, and CPU caching....