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Internet videos -- Software

View Resource Jing

Jing, a free screen capture app, is the next generation in screen shot software. Not only is it tremendously easy to use and creates excellent screen shots, it also offers extra capabilities that other similar apps can't. For instance, Jing captures video. So if readers want to record a YouTube or Vimeo clip that is playing on their desktop, they can adjust the X and Y axes to include, capture for...

View Resource TubeChop

For those of us who give presentations, write blogs, or post on social media, we often want to offer a snippet of a longer video to make a point, get a laugh, or otherwise spice things up. Enter TubeChop. The platform is beautiful for its simplicity. Just find the YouTube, Vimeo, TedTalk, or other video that you would like to sample and paste the link into TubeChop. Then use the end bars to choose...