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Information visualization -- Software



For users who are relatively experienced with spreadsheets (e.g. Excel, Numbers, etc.) but haven't taken the plunge into data visualization, Raw may be a good, user-friendly first stab at making your data visual. The process includes four relatively simple steps: first, copy and paste from your spreadsheet onto the Raw website; second, choose a layout and map dimensions; third, customize the...

Infographics have become increasingly popular over the past few years, often presenting complex or text-heavy information in an easy to understand and visually appealing way. Among the numerous online tools and services out there, Infogram is especially handy for users interested in creating data-centric infographics, maps, and charts. User data may be uploaded as a .xls, .xlsx, or .csv file, or...

Datawrapper is a chart, graph, and map-making tool designed specifically to help journalists create clear, aesthetically appealing visuals. However, this tool is also useful for anyone looking to publish or embed data visualizations easily. Data may be added by either copying and pasting a Microsoft Excel document or by uploading a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file. Next, Datawrapper instantly...

Visual learners looking for a free study or note taking tool may want to check out XMind. This "mind-mapping" program, designed for Mac or Windows computers, allows users to create and save a variety of organizational maps, diagrams, charts, and spreadsheets. Users can create their own maps or select from a variety of templates, including timelines, fishbone charts, and flowcharts. Users can then...
Sizzle Analytics

Anyone looking to create appealing visualizations as a way to share data will want to check out Sizzle Analytics. This free tool is designed for creating data visualizations. To create one, users simply upload data as a CSV (Comma Separated Variable) file. Next, users select what variables to measure and what kind of graph to use. Notably, Sizzle Analytics allows users to create graphs that allows...

Interactive data visualizations are a powerful tool for quickly and clearly demonstrating complex topics. However, constructing such visualizations on a webpage can require significant coding ability. ChartsBin is a web based visualization tool that can be used without writing code. Visualizations created with the tool can be easily embedded in a website or blog, on social media, or even exported...

Milkr is a collaborative mind mapping tool that can be used to share thoughts and organize information. Users can create spider diagrams containing as many interconnected notes as they wish. Notes can be re-arranged in a drag-and-drop interface. The content of each note is edited with Markdown. Notes may also have attached files and images, inline images, embedded YouTube videos, and more. Other...
Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a free data visualization suite. It can import and process data from a wide variety of sources, including online sources like Google Sheets or sites that provide Web Data Connectors. Created visualizations can be shared via email, over social media, or embedded in a website. When embedded in a website, visualizations can be both interactive and dynamic. They can update in real...

Kingfisher is a visual mapping tool designed to quickly and clearly convey complex information in a graphical format. Kingfisher's design was guided by years of applied research on cognition and learning. Individual boxes can be added to specific concepts or tasks, with smaller concepts or sub-tasks grouped within them. Color-coded connections can also be added between related concepts. Users can...

Jp is a command-line utility for generating quick visualizations of data. It can produce bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, histograms, and heatmaps from either JSON or CSV data. Users could employ tools like jq (featured in the 04-27-2018 Scout Report), pup (featured in the 04-11-2019 Scout Report), or csvkit (featured in the 01-31-2020 Scout Report) to extract data from online sources or...
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