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Digital storytelling -- Software

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It's easy to see why readers were immediately drawn to Atavist with its sharp aesthetic appeal and integrative approach to graphic storytelling. Its user-friendly interface synthesizes narrative methods developed by predecessors such as Youtube, Instagram, and Wordpress, offering exciting new directions for creative projects like longform essay writing. We think Atavist just may become a staple...
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Story Builder is designed to make writing fun for students. Users can name up to 10 different characters. They may then enter text from each character, building a story. At the end, they may set their story to music and watch it all play out on the screen. To use the Story Builder, simply select "Get Started." Then enter character names in the boxes on the left hand side of the screen. From there,...
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PixStori is a free iOS application that allows users to take pictures and record accompanying audio. Users can then share these "PixStoris" via email, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. This tool offers a unique way for users to record stories or interviews (up to 20 minutes in length) and connect them to an image of a person or object. This tool may be especially useful to archivists, librarians,...