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Science -- Video catalogs

PBS NewsHour: Science

PBS NewsHour offers this useful compilation of all NewsHour segments related to science. These videos, which include segments that appeared on the nightly news broadcast, can be be browsed by categories such as Innovations and Inventions and Basic Research. While these short snippets may offer a useful resource for a science or journalism classroom, they are also simply enjoyable (and informative)...
Think Like a Scientist

From Nautilus Magazine (see the 02-06-2015 Scout Report) and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute comes Think Like a Scientist, a series of "video stories" addressing a range of scientific topics. As of this write-up, the most recent video in this collection explains the role that gold miners have played in unearthing paleontological treasures. Another recent video was created by Greg O'Brien, a...
Life Noggin

Animation fans and educators may appreciate Life Noggin, a YouTube channel that uses short 2D animated videos to answer questions and offer explanations on scientific topics. In a style reminiscent of brightly colored 8-bit video games, Life Noggin bills itself as "an animated and educational web show designed to teach you all about your awesome life and the brain that makes you able to live it."...
The Kid Should See This

The internet abounds with high-quality educational videos that could be great for kids, but sifting through the chaff to find the wheat can become overwhelming. The Kid Should See This (TKSST) helps solve this quandary by "connect[ing] busy teachers and parents to a growing library of smart, short, and super-cool, 'not-made-for-kids, but perfect for them' videos that can be watched in the...
It's Okay To Be Smart

Readers looking for some educational entertainment might find the YouTube series It's Okay to Be Smart to be just the thing. Launched by PBS Digital Studios in 2013, this web series is enthusiastically hosted by Joe Hanson, a molecular biologist by training with a doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin. Here, viewers will find dozens of fun and upbeat videos exploring all manner of...
Stated Clearly

As the name suggests, Stated Clearly uses "short animations" and "neutral language" to expose "people from all walks of life to the simple beauty of science." Founded in 2012 by Jon Perry, "an artist and science advocate," this YouTube channel uses narrative and animations to demonstrate that "science is for everyone." The channel currently features more than 30 videos, most of which are under ten...
Maddie Moate YouTube

Inviting viewers to "stay curious," UK-based YouTuber Maddie Moate dedicates her channel to family-friendly science and education videos. Her videos cover all sorts of sciences, from biology (see her "Amazing Animals" playlist) to technology (see her "Machines and Makes" playlist). Fellow science enthusiast Greg Foot co-hosts many of her videos. The dynamic duo's "Let's Go Live!" series is a...
Dr. Sally Le Page

Dr. Sally Le Page is an evolutionary biologist, science educator, and YouTuber who also identifies as queer and asexual. She is best known for her "Shed Science" series of quirky biology-related videos that answer questions such as How to make plastic from trees (and not fossil fuels) (October 28, 2019) and Can you blow up a balloon underwater? (June 24, 2019). Le Page also currently hosts a...