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Note-taking -- Software

View Resource Laverna

With all the different note-taking tools out there, Laverna may be a nice option for those readers looking for a Markdown note-taking app that offers a little extra privacy. Users create encrypted Notebooks with custom headings, check lists, and code blocks all by using Markdown. (See the 10-02-2015 edition of the Scout Report for an online tutorial on using Markdown). That said, Laverna helpfully...

View Resource Bear

Bear is a note taking application for iOS devices that allows users to sort notes by categories and create to-do lists. This application will likely most appeal to iCloud users who want to quickly access notes across iOS devices. Bear allows users to organize notes through hashtags, or quickly reorganize to do lists with a "pin top" option. In addition, users can check off boxes on to-do lists and...

View Resource Liner

Liner has a simple purpose: it allows users to highlight text as they read. Want to highlight or annotate interesting sections of a research article? Give Liner a try. The Google Chrome extension and iOS application automatically syncs across multiple devices, allowing users to select a specific text or piece of information in an article or PDF. In addition, Liner also works with screenshots. This...

View Resource Google Keep

Gmail users may be interested in Google Keep, a tool that allows users to save reminders, to-do lists, URLs, images, and more in just one place. Once downloaded, users can quickly and easily create reminders, upload images, or add notes. While Google Keep is folder-free (which may appeal to those looker for simplicity), users do have the option of adding labels, color-coding items, and conducting ...

View Resource Memonic

Memonic is a collaborative web clipping and note taking system. Users can save snippets of web sites and most common document formats (Word, PDF, and others). These snippets can be added to a user's Memonic collection to share them across multiple devices. They may also be emailed as attachments. Users may annotate these snippets or just create notes that don't apply to any particular snippet at...

View Resource Standard Notes

Standard Notes is a simple, secure, open-source note-taking application. Notes can be synchronized across devices using end-to-end industry standard AES-256 encryption. In addition to the public sync servers, more technical users may also opt to run their own. Instructions are provided for setting up such a server on Amazon EC2, Docker, or Heroku. Standard Notes provides a backup feature that...

View Resource Cherrytree

Cherrytree is a structured note taking application with support for rich text formatting and syntax highlighting for a number of common programming languages. Its files contain a related set of hierarchically arranged sub-documents, which Cherrytree calls nodes, that are organized in an outline structure. In addition to formatted text, nodes may also contain tables, images, embedded files, and...