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Web browsing -- Software


Peek A Tab

Anyone who browses the internet with multiple tabs open knows that doing so can both help and hinder productivity: while multiple tabs allow users to quickly switch between websites and documents, it can also clutter one's browser so that it is difficult to remember what tabs are open. Peek A Tab, a free extension for Google Chrome, may be the answer. Users can install it with just one click. Once...
Pale Moon

Firefox users who find themselves dissatisfied with recent changes to Firefox's user interface and corresponding reductions in customizability may be interested in Pale Moon. Originally forked from Firefox in 2009, Pale Moon initially focused on improving browser performance. Since then, customizability has largely eclipsed performance as Pale Moon's primary distinguishing feature, as reflected by...

Many web browsers were designed with casual or non-technical users in mind. Not so with the Vivaldi browser, which was designed to meet the needs of both heavy internet users and technical users. For example, it includes a bookmark manager built to easily sort and organize thousands of bookmarks. It also has support for mouse gestures for faster navigation. Vivaldi's tabbed browsing support...

Among the least wonderful properties of the modern web is the way it allows strangers to execute JavaScript code on your computer. While this facility is responsible for the very existence of rich web applications like Google Docs, many more curmudgeonly users (the author included) often wish for a bit more control about what code their own computer executes. uMatrix is a browser extension that...

Brave is a web browser built to safeguard end-user privacy against tracking companies and intrusive advertisers while also providing a way for content producers to be paid for their work. According to Brendan Eich, co-founder of Brave Software, the web currently faces a "primal threat" caused by a growing conflict between users and the advertising companies so often necessary for authors to be...
Firefox Multi-Account Containers

We all use the web in a variety of contexts and with a variety of roles, but most web browsers don't provide a way to separate browsing data from those different usages. The Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension provides a solution to this problem. Users may create as many distinct containers as they wish, each of which maintains its own separate set of browsing data. By default, the plugin...

Qutebrowser is a minimalist browser designed to be operated from the keyboard. It uses the same rendering libraries as Chrome, and can, therefore, handle any site that works in Chrome. Users of the Vimperator Firefox extension or the Vimium Chrome extension will find Qutebrowser's interface familiar. Unlike other more resource-demanding browsers, Qutebrowser does not provide a plugin system....

Waterfox is a Firefox fork that emphasizes browsing speed, ethical software development, and user privacy while continuing to support the XUL extensions that Firefox dropped in version 57. To protect user privacy, Waterfox maintains a policy of not collecting any data that could be problematic - dropping features like Pocket integration, Telemetry, Sponsored Tiles, and startup profiling. The...

For those of us who often glance at our browsers to find that we have far too many tabs and windows open, Tabli is a free Google Chrome extension (created by Antony Courtney) that might help. Tabli allows Chrome users to instantly view all the tabs they have open in a single list, organized by window. In addition, users can conduct a keyword search in Tabli in order to find the particular website...

Browser tabs provide a convenient way to open multiple sites at once, but many users find them accumulating to the point of becoming overwhelming. Toby is a tab management extension designed to tame large sets of tabs, even making tabs suitable as a replacement for bookmarks. Users can create any number of named collections of tabs. Within a collection, users may also apply tags (e.g., todo,...
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