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Paleontology -- Blogs

Paleo Porch

Paleo Porch is an engaging and versatile blog by James Burnes, a Ph.D. student in the History of Science at the University of Oklahoma who studies the history of field work. Burnes writes about a range of topics with curiosity and an eye for important details. As a result, Paleo Porch features posts about Paleontology, Archeology, Art History, Popular Culture, and more. In one blog post, Burnes...
Dr. Neurosaurus

Professor and paleontologist Maria Eugenia Leone Gold started the blog Dr. Neurosaurus to "take paleontology news and break it down so that kids can easily understand." Blog posts are available in English and Spanish, and readers can sort through posts in a variety of ways: by selecting a language preference, selecting an archive date (which includes posts from February 2016 to present), using the...
The Common Descent Podcast

Quickly approaching its 100th episode, The Common Descent Podcast brings listeners an abundance of paleontology content. Hosted by "paleontologists-turned-science communicators" David Moscato and Will Harris, the show explores everything from amphibian diversity (check out Episode 91: "Frogs") to the qualities of resin and the fossils it preserves (check out Episode 62: "Amber"). The link above...
Letters from Gondwana

Letters from Gondwana is a blog, published since 2013, musing on paleontology, literature, and the history of science. The blog is the creation of paleontology student Fernanda Castano of the University of Buenos Aires. Readers will find themselves surprised by the topics covered in each post, which may include recent paleontological findings, discussions of key (and sometimes forgotten) figures...