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Water resources development

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View Resource TWRI Technical Reports

The Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI), as part of Texas A&M University, "serves as a focal point for water related research at Texas universities, often encouraging discussion of statewide issues through meetings and conferences and stimulating multi-university studies. Its educational programs synthesize the latest information on critical program areas and bring an academic viewpoint to...
View Resource Selected Water-Resources Abstracts

Maintained by the USGS Water Web Server Team, the Selected Water-Resources Abstracts Web site was compiled from several sources on the subject of water resources since 1977. Users can search by report number, keyword, author, hydrologic unit, state, and year. The database gives researchers easy access to specific information among the vast array of publications distributed by the agency.
View Resource California Data Exchange Center

At the California Data Exchange Center website, the California Department of Water Resources provides access to an array of operational hydrologic data. Within the River Stages and Flow Data link, visitors will find river stage maps, river schematics, information on various rivers, and daily hydrologic summaries. The website provides snow information including snow sensor plots, water supply...
View Resource International Small-Hydro Atlas

The International Energy Agency's (IEA) "database facilitates the development of new small hydro projects" and provides "data for potential and developed sites, GIS searching capabilities, country profiles, international contacts for small hydro, and more." With the News link, visitors can stay informed about the latest announcements, events, and information related to small hydro projects. The...
View Resource World Water Council

In 1997, the World Water Council had its first official forum in Marrakech, and since then they have continued their work on "critical water issues at all levels." Some of these issues include efficient water conservation, water use management, and other relevant matters. With its compelling visual images and design, the homepage contains sections that provide information on upcoming World Water...