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Information retrieval -- Software

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Backups are essential to avoiding data loss over the long term. To reduce the risk of data loss as much as possible, backups should be performed frequently and stored off site. When using cloud storage, backups should also be encrypted so that storage providers cannot rifle through them. Duplicati is a free and open source backup client designed with online backups in mind. All data is encoded...

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Gmail users interested in adding some simplicity to their lives will want to check out, a tool that identifies websites that you've previously signed up for in order to help users unsubscribe. By visiting the website above and signing into Google, users can see the names of organizations and businesses where they currently have subscriptions. For each email list, visitors can select to...

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Many publishers and funding sources now require archiving of research data. However, many repositories are difficult to use, charge ongoing fees, or both. Figshare provides a free, simple to use repository for research outputs. Their service is already integrated with the PLOS family of open access journals. Additionally, they have a repository-as-a-service offering that institutions may consider....