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Telecommunication -- Technological innovations

View Resource Sky Station

While satellites are the current backbone of telecommunications and wireless infrastructure, the company that maintains this Web site envisions a completely new technology. The Stratospheric Telecommunications Service (STS) relies on "lighter-than-air platforms which are held in a geo-stationary position in the stratosphere (approximately 21Km) over a major metropolitan area." The Sky Station...
View Resource Apple QuickTime Broadcaster 1.5

With this latest application from Apple, users can effectively produce professional-quality live events for online delivery around the world. The combination of the various QuickTime technologies and application makes a wide range of activities possible, including transmitting business meetings or lectures to a host of different online users. The user-friendly interface provides a basic overview...
View Resource Learning Center: Tutorials

One hundred years ago, telephony was a bit simpler. A variety of short courses, and one could be connecting Doctor Brown to a specialist in a far away city, such as New York, Boston, or even Green Bay, if the situation demanded it. In contemporary society, those interested in a viable and productive career in telephony must stay on top of the emerging technologies on a regular basis. This website...