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Programming languages (Electronic computers) -- Software


JSFiddle provides an online sandbox for testing snippets of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Users enter code in each of these languages into the corresponding panel, press 'run', and a fourth panel displays the result. JSFiddle supports streamlined loading of most popular Javascript libraries. Rather than vanilla Javascript, users may also employ Typescript or CoffeeScript. JSFiddle also provides a...

JSON is a lightweight markup language widely used for exchanging and storing structured data. Many websites provide APIs that return JSON data -- GitHub, Google Maps, and Wikidata to name a few. Jq provides a tool for slicing, filtering, mapping, and transforming JSON data similar to the sed, awk, and grep command-line utilities. The jq tutorial uses the GitHub API to produce summary information...

Pet is a simple command-line snippet manager that can be used to govern a library of shell commands. Users are able to give each stored command a name and a description, making Pet particularly helpful for rarely used or more difficult commands. The Pet site offers the following command as an example: 'echo | openssl s_client -connect 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -dates -noout'. In...