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Physics -- Web-based instruction

MIT BLOSSOMS: Hanging by a Thread

This new video lesson plan from MIT BLOSSOMS is designed to help physics students understand Newton's laws of motions and to help physics educators think about how to incorporate Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into the classroom. This lesson is taught by high school physics teacher Francis Lenox. During this lesson, students learn how to create a force diagram (also known as a free body...
Temperature, Pressure, and American Football: Introduction to Gay-Lussac's Gas Law

American football fans will remember "deflategate" - the controversy that centered on the allegation that the New England Patriots deliberately deflated their footballs prior to their 2015 playoff victory against the Indiana Colts. This recent addition to the MIT BLOSSOMS instructional video series uses "deflategate" to engage high school-level physics students to Gay-Lussac's Gas Law. In this...