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View Resource The Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability

The Alertbox is a monthly column that began in June 1995 and is written by Jakob Nielsen, a SunSoft Distinguished Engineer. The content is not platform-specific; rather the primary emphasis is on the optimal design of electronic information. Articles include The Need for Speed, Trends for the Web in 1997, and International Usability (of websites), among others. Planned future columns are also...
View Resource The Webmaster's Reference Library is a comprehensive HTML reference page (originally by Athenia Associates). At its heart are two main sections, Web/Net and Webmaster, found under Table of Contents. Web/Net contains information about the Internet and Web, organized under 15 categories, from agents to tutorials. Webmaster contains information about Web site creation in over 15 categories, including advanced topics...
View Resource Surfing the Net with Kids

SURFNETKIDS is a free email edition of nationally syndicated newspaper column. "Surfing the Net with Kids" selects and annotates online sources for kids, families, teachers, and the young-at-heart. Each weekly column rates and reviews five web sites on topics as diverse as Gargoyles, the Declaration of Independence or Mozart. The newspaper column is written by Barbara J. Feldman for the San Diego...
View Resource Search

Mecklermedia provides this search engine that covers all things Internet. The Lycos powered search engine contains sites selected by (Mecklermedia) editors. However, this is a search index, not a subject directory, as the large amount of retrieval from simple queries (in the hundreds of thousands) aptly demonstrates. Users must skillfully apply the sparse syntactical tools available...
View Resource Dr. Dobbs TechNetcast

Dr. Dobbs TechNetcast, produced by Dr. Dobbs Journal and the Pseudo Online Network, broadcasts live shows every Friday afternoon covering a wide range of Internet topics. Past topics include C++, Dynamic HTML, Java, Web Graphic Design, and Internet Security. Each show, hosted by Philippe Lourier, features an expert special guest. The shows are archived and can be viewed using RealPlayer....
View Resource Internetworking

The Internet Technical Group, "a community for professionals from industry, academia and government organizations who share a common interest in Internet technologies and related behavioral phenomena," provides this new irregularly issued publication that concentrates on web usability, among other areas. The first issue contains articles on user-centered web design, the Log Annotation Device (LAD)...
View Resource The Nordic Metadata Project: Final Report

The final report of the Nordic Metadata Project is now available in two formats. The collaborative Nordic Metadata Project created an indexing and retrieval system based on the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set. The report evaluates the existing uses of metadata, recommends enhancements to the Dublin Core, and discusses three of the project's initiatives: the creation of Dublin Core to MARC...
View Resource New Media Studies: Web Culture, Design, and Reviews a Go-Go

Yes, that subtitle is correct. Despite its author's obvious fondness for all things Sixties (there are pastel daisies on the homepage), this is an excellent site to consult for both creators and scholars of Internet culture. The site features reviews (with accompanying links) of Websites and books devoted to Internet culture, economics, and design. The site's creator -- David Gauntlett, Lecturer...
View Resource Introduction to Metadata: Pathways to Digital Information

Announced this week by the Getty Standards Program, Version 2.0 of Introduction to Metadata: Pathways to Digital Information has been placed online in its entirety. This revised version includes updated essays and a new piece on metadata "crosswalks." The crosswalk of metadata standards from version 1.0 (including MARC, Dublin Core, CDWA, Object ID, and the CIMI schema) has been updated and four...
View Resource Babel: A data browser by Simon Biggs

This Website is a site-specific work of art commissioned by a group of UK libraries, Focal Point Gallery, and the Arts Council of England. The work takes as its jumping off place the vision of libraries as information spaces organized by a "taxonomy of knowledge." Simon Biggs uses a common classification tool, the Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC), to confront the viewer with a 3D...
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