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Stem Cell Research and Applications: Monitoring the Frontiers of Biomedical Research

A report regarding human stem cell research was placed online in November 1999. From the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the Institute for Civil Society (ICS), this report explores the scientific and ethical issues involved in the use of embryonic stem (ES) cells and embryonic germ (EG) cells in medical research. While the report acknowledges the "varied social,... ...
Breast Cancer Studies Raise Doubts Over Bone Marrow Transplants

On April 15, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) released long-awaited preliminary results of five studies on bone marrow transplants for women with advanced breast cancer. Considered a last resort, the painful and costly procedure involves ultrahigh doses of chemotherapy which destroy the patient's bone marrow which must then be replaced by a...
Stem Cells: The International Journal of Cell Differentiation and Proliferation

Researchers may be interested to know that the journal Stem Cells is offering full content for free during a trial period that has been extended until further notice (for at least three months). The forthcoming issue leads off with an editorial devoted to the new registry, "National Stem Cell Resource: Stem Cells Find a Niche," by Robert G. Hawley.
Remarks by the President on Stem Cell Research

As most of our readers no doubt know, President Bush made a determination on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research last week, agreeing to release federal funds for research involving already existing stem cell lines. Users can read or listen to his statement at the URL above.
Stem Cells and the Future of Regenerative Medicine

Partially an outgrowth of a June 2001 workshop of leading stem cell researchers, The Committee on the Biological and Biomedical Applications of Stem Cell Research has authored this report available from National Academy Press (NAP) to address the potential of stem cell research. Various scientific, ethical, legal, and public policy issues surrounding stem cell research were considered in the...
Two Updates on Stem Cell Research

In a recent press briefing, stem cell research pioneers James Thomson and John Gearhart announced that, despite political obstacles and limited funding, stem cell research is progressing and clinical trials on human beings should begin within the next five years. The Why Files chronicles the first five years of embryonic stem cell research, covering the science, the politics, and the ethical...
BBC: Scientists Given Cloning Go-Ahead

Britain blows ahead of the scientific pack this week by allowing its scientists to clone and research embryos and the stem cells which are derived from them. The tiny pinhead sized cluster of cells comprising an embryo is emerging as a giant ethical, religious, and scientific concern and may even be the deciding factor in a presidential race across the Atlantic. Yet, while U.S. scientists remain...
After another veto, supporters of increased funding for embryonic stem cell research regroup

Bush's second veto frustrates supporters of stem cell research NIH Stem Cell Information Home Page [pdf] NPR: Key Moments in the Stem-Cell Debate NOVA: Stem Cells [Real Player, Quick Time] Embryonic Stem Cell...
Science: Embryos and Stem Cells

It's quite easy to stay abreast of all the developments within the world of embryos and stem cell research with this handy site created and maintained by staff members at the Guardian newspaper. On their page, visitors can read news reports from the frontlines of scientific research in these areas, and also check out the latest posts from the weblogs they maintain on these matters. Further down...