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Accessible Web sites for people with disabilities

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Dos & Don'ts on Designing for Accessibility

Interaction designer Karwai Pun designed this series of six helpful posters that provide guidelines for creating websites and other web-based publications that are accessible to people with disabilities. Visitors can explore and download these posters courtesy of the UK Government's Digital Service blog. Individual posters provide dos and don'ts on web design for those who are on the autism...
WAVE: Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

One of the things a website designer or administrator needs to keep in mind is the user experience of their site's visitors, including those visitors who may have visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive difficulties. WAVE, a free web accessibility evaluation tool developed by WebAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind), provides a simple way to check the accessibility of a web page's content. After entering...
WebAIM Color Contrast Checker

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) provide a set of recommendations describing how to produce websites that are more accessible for people with disabilities and that work well across a range of devices. These guidelines specify the minimum levels of contrast between text and background colors necessary for pages to be easily readable. The WebAIM Color Contrast Checker provides an...