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Microorganisms -- Video catalogs


I Contain Multitudes: The Series

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has a fabulous track record of creating a number of top-notch classroom resources for science educators. That said, the new short film series "I Contain Multitudes," created by science writer Ed Yong (who authored a book by the same name) and HHMI's Tangled Banks Studios, is not for science teachers alone. This series, which is dedicated to microbes and...
Journey to the Microcosmos

Readers interested in exploring the strange and intriguing world of the microcosmos will want to check out "Journey to the Microcosmos." This YouTube channel features a series of short videos that generate a lot of intrigue about the little parts of our world, reminding us that "there are things we cannot see that we must nonetheless watch out for." Most videos are around ten minutes long and...