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Collisions at sea.

View Resource Inquiry into USS Greeneville Incident Begins

On Monday, the US Navy began an official inquiry into the collision on February 9 of the USS Greeneville, a nuclear submarine, with a 190-foot Japanese fishing trawler, the Ehime Maru, off the coast of Japan. The accident led to the death of nine Japanese crew members, including four high school students. Over the last three weeks, several issues have emerged that are sure to be taken up at the...
View Resource Database of Ship Collisions with Icebergs

As part of the Institute for Marine Dynamics of the National Research Council Canada, Database of Ship Collisions with Icebergs is written and managed by Brian T. Hill. The database contains 560 incidents and "concentrates on iceberg collisions in the North Atlantic off Newfoundland and Labrador but does include a few incidents further north, around Greenland, and also in the fiords of Alaska."...