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Annual Reviews: Biomedical/Life Sciences

_Annual Reviews: Biomedical Sciences_ covers 28 series ranging from Biochemistry to Public Health, and provides "systematic, periodic examinations of scholarly advances in a number of fields of science through critical authoritative reviews." The on-line edition includes full text and abstracts for 1997-Present; abstracts only for 1990-1996; and tables of contents only for 1984-1989. The free...
Amedeo: Medical Literature Guide

This Web site from Amedeo, a medical information service, provides convenient literature updates free of charge via email. The registration process is quick and easy: simply select a research area of interest from an extensive list of options, choose from a list of relevant pre-selected journals, and fill out the contact information form. You will then receive a weekly email newsletter that lists...
Journal of Young Investigators

The student-led Journal of Young Investigators (JYI) features peer-reviewed undergraduate research in the sciences, math, and engineering. JYI's Web journal "publishes the best submissions from undergraduates, with an emphasis on both the quality of research and the manner it which it is communicated." Much of the research currently presented is life science oriented. The full complement of...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCE&M) online, featuring original works in clinical practice and applied clinical research, begins January 1997 (Vol 82), abstracts from February 1975 (Vol 40), and tables of contents from September 1965. Taming Stress

This Web site contains a feature article from the September 2003 issue of Scientific American, written by neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky. The article explores how "an emerging understanding of the brain's stress pathways points toward treatments for anxiety and depression beyond Valium and Prozac." The entire 8-page story is available free of charge to any reader.