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View Resource Learning Technologies Project

The NASA Learning Technologies Project (LTP) showcases many initiatives that "incorporate NASA content with revolutionary technologies or innovative use of entrenched technologies to enhance education in the areas of math and science." The Education Resources section features three software titles that can be freely downloaded, mainly consisting of three-dimensional visualization activities for...
View Resource NASA: Our Solar System

Part of the Popular Topics section of the main NASA site, this collection of NASA resources is jam-packed with great photos, learning tools, announcements, and NASA agency news. Anyone interested in learning more about the solar system or the United States' efforts in space exploration (both manned and unmanned) will want to check out this great resource. In addition to the features on the main...
View Resource Cosmic Distance Scale

This NASA site was developed by Maggie Masetti to demonstrate astronomical distances and help users grasp the size our universe. Starting at Earth, users simply select the Zoom Out link to see continuously larger areas of our universe until they reach The Farthest Visible Reaches of Space. At each stop, visitors can click on the Tell Me About ___! link to receive information about the particular...
View Resource AstronomyDaily.Com

Astronomy Daily.Com offers real time astronomical data tailored to the viewer's location and time zone. The personalized front page presents a chart of tonight's sky. Diagrams allow users to view the planets in their orbits. Educators and students can find images of today's moon and its phase on the calendar, plus data dealing with its current position and its physical and orbital characteristics....
View Resource Imagine Mars

Produced by NASA, "the Imagine Mars Project is a national arts, sciences and technology education initiative that has harnessed America's fascination with space and led young people to work together with educators and civic leaders to design a Mars community for 100 people." After reading an overview of the Mars Project, educators and students can discover examples of the incredible activities...