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Guide to Grammar and Writing

Charles Darling, Professor of English/Humanities at Capital Community-Technical College (Hartford, Connecticut), provides this site, a compendium of English grammar, usage, and writing information at the sentence, paragraph, and essay levels. Each section contains easily understood information about concepts related to the topic. Most sections contain answered quizzes. These 76 quizzes are also...
The Chicago Manual of Style FAQ

Wondering where to break a URL at the end of line, whether the ban on splitting infinitives still stands, or how many spaces to put after a period? The answers are here. While certainly not a comprehensive guide and not organized in a particularly helpful way, The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) FAQ nonetheless answers some of the questions that commonly vex writers and editors. What's more, the...
American Heritage Book of English Usage

This Web site takes visitors to the American Heritage Book of English Usage, which is a guide to current problems and debates in English language usage that will be valuable for native and non-native speakers alike. The work may be searched by keyword, or users may elect to browse through its 10 chapters. The subjects covered by the various chapters include gender, science terms, e-mail, word...
Webgrammar's Free Tips

This site, developed by Judy Vorfeld, is a good online writing guide that covers such topics as common writing mistakes, style questions, and the usage of idioms. Visitors also have the option to sign up to receive Vorfeld's monthly text e-zine, which contains answers to questions about grammar, various pieces of trivia, and feedback from other subscribers.
Writing Resource Center: Empire State College

Effective learning strategies for becoming a better writer are much appreciated resources on college campuses, and this site presents a cornucopia of just this type of material. Created by Empire State college faculty specifically for adult learners and faculty use, the site provides access to a very fine annotated resource list. The list contains documents from The Genesee Valley Center Writing...
University College Writing Handouts

Many universities have elaborate writing centers to assist students learn about the art of crafting wonderful and meaningful pieces of writing. The University College at the University of Toronto has collected over two dozen excellent resources designed to get undergraduates and others up to speed with the world of writing college-level papers. On the site, visitors will find resources like...
Amherst College: Online Resources for Writers

As with many other colleges and universities, Amherst College is dedicated to helping their students become excellent writers. In order to accomplish this goal, they have created a fine set of online resources for use by their own students and members of the web-browsing public. This particular set includes a long list of resources created by staff members at Amherst and at other institutions....