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India -- Politics and government

1977- (2)

View Resource Elections in India

This week's In the News discusses the general elections in India. The seven resources discussed offer poll results, analysis, and commentary. More than 600 million voters in the world's largest democracy went to the polls recently to choose candidates from 622 political parties. The election produced a temporarily deadlocked parliament, with the Hindu nationalist party, Bharatiya Janata Party...
View Resource India Votes

The world's largest democracy goes to the polls in Mid-February for parliamentary elections. India Today (discussed in the August 29, 1997 Scout Report), a weekly news magazine with a circulation of over 11 million, provides this site for interested Internauts to follow the elections. It provides ongoing daily news, an election calendar, and election information organized by state, constituency,...
View Resource Indian Parliament

With one of the largest parliamentary bodies in the world, it is not surprising that the Web site for the Indian Parliament contains a staggering amount of information about its operations, its members, bills, budget proposals, and other important governmental proceedings. Visitors will want to begin by browsing through the section on the president of India (currently this is Dr. A.P.J. Abdul...
View Resource Center for the Advanced Study of India

India remains a country that fascinates both scholars looking at its historical development and those who are intimately concerned with its role in the global economy. In order to provide a congenial place for people with such interests to interact and exchange ideas, the University of Pennsylvania created the Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI) in 1992. Visitors to the CASI site can...
View Resource The Nixon Administration and the Indian Nuclear Program, 1972-1974

The National Security Archive is always working on new electronic briefing books, and this recent release will fascinate anyone with an interest in international diplomacy, international relations, or the United States government. This particular briefing book was released in December 2011 and offers a look at the reaction of President Richard Nixon's administration to the testing of nuclear...