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Judgments -- United States

View Resource FedWorld/FLITE Supreme Court Decisions Homepage

Full text of US Supreme Court Decisions from 1937 to 1975 (7,407 decisions from volumes 300 through 422 of US Reports) has been made available via the US Air Force FLITE (Federal Legal Information Through Electronics) system. Users may access the decisions through a search interface that presently allows querying by keyword or case name. Decisions are available in ASCII format.
View Resource U.S. Supreme Court Decisions for May 1996

The full text of two recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions that could have far reaching effects are available via the Internet. Docket 94-1039, Romer, Governor of Colorado, et al. v. Evans et al. struck down part of the Colorado State Constitution that prevented the passage of new anti- discrimination laws against homosexuals. Docket 94-896, BMW of North America, Inc. v. Gore set standards for...
View Resource U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit

The Tarlton Law Library of the University of Texas at Austin School of Law and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit provide Fifth Circuit cases on the World Wide Web. The cases are uploaded to the Tarlton Web server daily, then automatically marked up in HTML for the WWW by means of perl scripts developed in-house. Cases are searchable by keyword within the full-text,...
View Resource Clinton, President of the United States, et al., v. City of New York et al.

On June 25, 1998, the US Supreme Court struck down the line-item veto law that allowed the president to reject specific items in tax and spending measures. The 6-3 decision said the law violates that part of the Constitution requiring every bill to be presented to the president for his approval or veto. The Constitution does not, in the Court's opinion, allow a partial-veto. The Legal Information...