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The Chocolate Archives: CHOCO was a read-only mailing list and an archive of recipes that contained chocolate. Each month on (or around) the sixth day, a compilation of chocolate recipes from around the net were posted to the group. These recipes are gathered from usenet newsgroups and various mailing lists.
The Old Farmer's Almanac

With the advent and proliferation of the Internet and Web access, a multitude of information has become immediately accessible to anyone with a computer and a phone line. Providing home-spun wisdom and advice has been a hallmark of The Old Farmers Almanac since 1792, and their site features quite a bit of free information that will be useful to new visitors and familiar to long-time fans of the...
The Victory Garden

Over the past 28 years, "The Victory Garden" (broadcast on PBS) has become one of the most enduring and respected "how-to" show on television. The show's current host is Michael Weishan, a nationally known garden designer who leads viewers through some of America's finest gardens, along with offering a number of segments devoted to small and large-scale projects for those with a green thumb who...
Epicurious: The World's Greatest Recipe Collection

Produced by CondeNet, this rather prodigious collection of culinary delights contains an archive of over 16,000 recipes. The database may be searched through the use of keywords, or through a number of more elaborate specifications, such as looking for recipes that are kid-friendly, low-fat, or meatless. Visitors can create their own customized online recipe box, view a list of the most popular...
State Fair Recipes

As the summer continues to wane on, one tradition remains intact throughout much of America: the state fair. Usually the state fair is a place for local residents to showcase their agricultural marvels, and for urbanites to experience a bit of the country life, albeit rather briefly and somewhat voyeuristically. While there may be an uneasy alliance between urbanites and rural denizens during...
The Indiana Humanities Council: Food for Thought

Local food culture is an interesting subject, and a number of state agencies are developing projects to encourage people to explore their culinary folkways. This website from The Indiana Humanities Council offers up a two-year celebration of "food and its role in our lives." The celebration includes writings about food from Hoosiers, helpful gardening suggestions, recipes, and online exhibits....
Maple Recipe Collection

People in Vermont know a little bit about maple syrup and they can spin syrup and maple sugar into a delightful treat for any occasion. This digital collection of maple-infused recipes comes to the web-browsing public courtesy of the University of Vermont Libraries' Center for Digital Initiatives. All told, there are 49 items here, including recipes by Judith Jones (the cookbook editor for Julia...
Texas A&M Dinner Tonight

Created by the Agrilife Extension Service at Texas A&M University, Dinner Tonight is designed "to provide busy families with quick, healthy, cost effective recipes that taste great." In addition to the recipe database (found under Recipes), there are also video demonstrations and useful guides in the Healthy Cooking Tips section. Readers looking for a place to begin may enjoy the two-minute video...

BigOven is a big deal. It was chosen as a “Best App for Foodies” by Time Magazine and a “Best App for Eating” by the New York Times. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it lets you keep track of up to 350,000 recipes on your handheld device. You can search the app by keyword, course, ingredient, or just browse popular recipes. This app is compatible with a variety of devices running iOS 7.0+ and...