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View Resource Global Warming: Undoubtedly Real

A major new report issued by the National Research Council of the National Academies on January 12 concludes that global warming is "'undoubtedly real,' and that surface temperatures in the past two decades have risen at a rate substantially greater than average for the past 100 years." In particular, the report examines the apparent conflict between surface temperature and upper-air temperature....
View Resource Reports to the Nation on Our Changing Planet: Our Changing Climate

Our Changing Climate is part of a series of reports entitled Reports to the Nation On Our Changing Planet. This new publication was sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and published by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. Our Changing Climate discusses the changing climate of the earth and how humans impact that change. Report topics include reasons...
View Resource Climate and Radiation

The Climate and Radiation Branch of the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center includes discussions on aerosols, clouds and the hydrological cycle, rainfall, and remote sensing. As you dig deeper into individual pages, you can find more detailed information on such things as fractals, GOES and MODIS instruments, and so on. There's a page to search for publications, and many abstracts are...
View Resource The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

The IPCC was established in 1988 by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to assess the available scientific, technical, and socio-economic information in the field of climate change. The IPCC site's offerings include special reports, technical papers, press releases, and information on its three Working Groups. Group III is investigating...
View Resource Observed Land Surface Precipitation Data: 1850-1995 (Dai et al. 1997)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Goddard Institute for Space Studies has two datasets of monthly and annual anomaly precipitation analyses available online. The data sets have a resolution of 2.5 deg x 2.5 deg. The first data set contains data from January 1900 to December 1988 obtained from the DOE. The second data set is an update of the first set and contains data from 1850...
View Resource Destination: Earth: The Official Website for NASA's Earth Science Enterprise

NASA's Earth Science Enterprise, Destination: Earth, strives to better understand climate patterns in an effort to "predict and respond to environmental events - such as floods and severe winters - well in advance of their occurrence." At this site, space technology and its uses for understanding earth systems are described in the form of news stories, explanations, links to scores of science...
View Resource NOAA Backgrounder: NOAA's Top U.S. Weather, Water and Climate Events of the 20th Century

Here's an interesting "greatest of the century list." Compiled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), this list details US storms and climate events most "noted for their atmospheric marvel or impact on human life."
View Resource Climate of 1998: Annual Review

While reliable instrument records only go back 119 years, some argue that 1998 witnessed the warmest temperatures in 1,200 years. What is certain is that for the twentieth consecutive year, the annual global mean surface temperature exceeded the long-term average, this time by 1.2 degrees fahrenheit. The source and long-term implications of this steady rise in temperature are, of course, hotly...
View Resource Climate of 2000 - October: US National Analysis

On November 15, 2000, the National Atmospheric and Oceanographic Association (NOAA) released this newest monthly report on the climate of the United States. Global and regional analyses, drought information, and records of extreme climatic events are given for the month of October 2000. Color maps accompany the text.
View Resource Influence of mean climate change on climate variability from a 155-year tropical Pacific coral record

The NOAA Paleoclimatology Program posts data sets from recently published research articles. This data set is from an article by F.E. Urban et al., published in the October 26, 2000 issue of Nature [v.407, pp. 989-993]. Included here are the abstract, four figures (color), and links to the "del 18O data" and data description.
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