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View Resource The Well Connected Educator Publishing Center and Forum

The well known Global Schoolhouse (discussed in the July 28, 1995 issue of the Scout Report) has opened this new site for K-12 educators, administrators, parents and others as a "publishing center and forum" for "success stories, models, strategies, and specific examples of how to use technology for teaching and learning," as well as "perspectives on key issues in educational technology." Articles...
View Resource Digital Education Network (DEN)

The Digital Education Network offers 7th through 12th grade students a chance to expand their knowledge in four areas: NewsDEN, which covers current events for kids and provides tips for teachers on how to integrate the information into their curricula; MathDEN, an interactive math challenge that offers four "stages" for students at different levels and tracks their progress (new question sets are...
View Resource All Packets Should Not Be Created Equal: The Internet2 Project

This article, by William H. Graves, President of the COLLEGIS Research Institute, and former Senior Information Technology Officer and founder of the Institute for Academic Technology (IAT) at the University of North Carolina, (discussed in the September 13, 1996 Scout Report), contains a thought-provoking and succinct defense of the concept of "differentiated network services and related...
View Resource EdWeb: Exploring Technology and School Reform

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is proud to announce the creation of the CPB EdWeb. Edweb is an on-line tutorial on education, technology, school reform and the Information Highway. Designed for both teachers and telecommunication enthusiasts, EdWeb offers a vast collection of on-line educational resources, success stories of how technology is used in the classroom, a history of the...
View Resource LETSNet: Learning Exchange for Teachers and Students through InterNET

The Learning Exchange for Teachers and Students through the InterNet project is being developed by a collaborative team in the College of Education and the Communication Technology Laboratory at Michigan State University. The mission of the site is to facilitate an integration of the Internet into the K-12 curriculum. This still-developing site features lesson plans on topics from Ellis Island to...
View Resource MarcoPolo: Internet Content for the Classroom, providing professional development and lesson plans based on K-12 curriculum standards

Telecommunications giant MCI has partnered with scholarly organizations to develop MarcoPolo, a navigational tool/gateway for teachers, parents and students who are trying to find educational web resources in the fields of science, the humanities, geography and economics. Science NetLinks utilizes the subject expertise of the American Association for the Advancement of Science to provide links to...
View Resource Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators: S.O.S.: Site-of-the-School Day

Launched at the end of August by Web resource veteran Kathy Schrock (see the December 1, 1995 Scout Report ) and the Discovery Channel School, this new mailing list offers a brief description and link to one educational site each day. The quality of sites featured in the past month has been generally high (but not necessarily new),...
View Resource Lycos Zone

In the tradition of Yahooligans (reviewed in the March 22, 1996 Scout Report) and other so-called "green spaces," Lycos has created a new online safe haven for young users which is fairly self-contained, with the exception of the advertisements. (In response to criticisms regarding aggressive marketing to children at similar sites, Lycos claims that the ads are clearly marked and will not collect...
View Resource Building A School Web Site

Produced by The Jade Writers Group, this site offers a basic and easy-to-follow guide for teachers and students who want to construct a Website for their school or personal use. Users can choose to read the guide in order or by section, and it covers topics such as a basic introduction to HTML, using a Web editor, standards, bandwidth, search engine placement, and animation. Although the...
View Resource Internet Access in U.S. Public Schools and Classrooms: 1994-1999

This "statistics in brief" report posted last week by the National Center for Education Statistics "provides information collected in the Fall of 1999 about the extent of Internet access in U.S. public schools and classrooms." In readable prose with clear graphics, the report documents the strides made in the last five years in providing students with Internet access and reducing the ratios of...
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