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CAST Bobby: Web page accessibility utility

Bobby is an online HTML analysis service provided by the Center for Applied Special Technology. What makes this service unique? It has the function of helping to make HTML documents accessible to those with disabilities. For example, blind users with screen-reading software depend on ALT tags for images, and users unable to manipulate a pointing device may have difficulty using forms. When a URL...
ZDNet Developer

Cascading style sheets allow for greater control over how a web document is presented, and this site can help interested users learn about them. The Whole Web Catalog Garage, provided by ZDNet, offers a guide to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It presently features an article, written by Dave Dayneko, that focuses on defining text attributes, since this is the one element that most browsers tend to...

The Internet Technical Group, "a community for professionals from industry, academia and government organizations who share a common interest in Internet technologies and related behavioral phenomena," provides this new irregularly issued publication that concentrates on web usability, among other areas. The first issue contains articles on user-centered web design, the Log Annotation Device (LAD)...
Ten Good Deeds in Web Design

The latest issue of Jakob Nielsen's well-respected Alertbox (see the March 7, 1997 Scout Report) suggests ten simple but effective design elements to increase the usability of almost any site. The page also offers links to Nielsen's lists of top-ten mistakes in Web design and Web project management. Anyone maintaining or contemplating the design of a Website should read these short lists.
Building A School Web Site

Produced by The Jade Writers Group, this site offers a basic and easy-to-follow guide for teachers and students who want to construct a Website for their school or personal use. Users can choose to read the guide in order or by section, and it covers topics such as a basic introduction to HTML, using a Web editor, standards, bandwidth, search engine placement, and animation. Although the...
MOWA: Museum of Web Art

Founded in 1997 by Amy Stone, the Museum of Web Art is dedicated to presenting the art of the Web in its own environment. MOWA is a bright, clean, easily navigated Web exhibition space primarily showing works probably best categorized as graphic design or commercial art. Look at the North Gallery exhibition of buttons, the East Gallery visitor counters, South Gallery wallpaper, or Classic Promos...
New Media Studies: Web Culture, Design, and Reviews a Go-Go

Yes, that subtitle is correct. Despite its author's obvious fondness for all things Sixties (there are pastel daisies on the homepage), this is an excellent site to consult for both creators and scholars of Internet culture. The site features reviews (with accompanying links) of Websites and books devoted to Internet culture, economics, and design. The site's creator -- David Gauntlett, Lecturer...
CSShark Answers Frequently Asked Questions: The CSS Know-How Site

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is an Internet tool that separates the presentation from the structural markup of a Web site. CSS keeps the structure of a document lean and fast while controlling the appearance of its content. This product is not an adapted tool from print or programming; rather, it is a means of enhancing HTML. For users interested in learning more about this tool, this informative...
Usage and Usability Assessment: Library Practices and Concerns

The most recent offering from the Digital Library Federation (DLF), this report (99 pages) covers the best management and design strategies for digital library services. Authored by Denise Troll Covey, Associate Librarian, Carnegie Mellon University, the report "offers a survey of the methods that are being deployed at leading digital libraries to assess the use and usability of their online...
Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and Arrows is a monthly online journal that addresses "the complex task of bringing architecture and design to the digital landscape." Articles are written by peers of this multi-disciplinary field, and contributions are encouraged. The goal of the journal is to stimulate thought-provoking discussion about a wide range of topics, including professional practices, case studies, historical...
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