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View Resource Rockmine: The Internet's Largest Rock Music Resource

Founded in 1985, Rockmine is Europe's largest independent rock music archive, providing information for researchers and the media. Rockmine first went online in 1995 but has continued to develop since. One of the more notable recent additions is the Archive, which currently contains a gallery of over 100 posters and handbills from the famed Fillmore Auditorium and Avalon Ballroom; all thirteen...
View Resource Guitar Heroes

This exhibition from the Metropolitan Museum of Art draws on the Museum's rich collection of musical instruments, to connect three Italian-American craftsmen: John D'Angelico, James D'Aquisto, and John Monteleone - with the long history of building stringed instruments (lutherie) in Italy, dating back to the sixteenth century. The Guitar Heroes exhibit website includes a section for each of the...