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Vietnam War, 1961-1975

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CIA and the Vietnam Policymakers: Three Episodes, 1962-1968

Published by the CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence (CSI) and written by former CIA officer and historian Dr. Harold P. Ford, this book scrutinizes recently declassified CIA documents and "reviews the Intelligence Community's analytic performance during the chaotic Vietnam era." This forthright scholarly study focuses on how CIA analysts provided information to US policymakers at crucial...
The Wars for Viet Nam: 1945-1975

This site was developed around the course materials for a seminar at Vassar College taught by Professor Robert Brigham, the first American scholar given access to the Vietnamese archives on the war in Hanoi. The site is divided into three areas: an overview of the war, original documents, and links. The overview outlines the political and military progress of the conflict in Vietnam from 1954 to...
History of Vietnam and the Vietnam War

Created and maintained by Vets With A Mission, "a non-political organization of Vietnam veterans which seeks to alleviate the widespread suffering still victimizing the people of Vietnam," this Website offers a plethora of articles, research, book excerpts, and other learning materials about the Vietnam War and the history of Vietnam. There are sections here on Vietnamese history; Vietnam War...
Experiencing War: Stories from the Veterans History Project

Developed by the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress, this site offers visual and written testimony about the experiences of United States veterans ranging from those who served in World War I, to those who served in the first Gulf War. The documents are organized into three main topical areas, including courage, patriotism, and community. The community section features...
Vietnam: Journeys of Mind, Body & Spirit

Oriented around the theme of journeys, this online exhibit explores the various journeys that both the nation and people of Vietnam has undergone over the past few millennia, in particular the transition from French colonial control through the conflict with the United States, and the movement to a free-market economy over the past decade. Curated by Laurel Kendall (and hosted by the American...
The Vietnam Project

A number of online archives exist already to remember major military conflicts (particularly for World War II), so it is fitting that the Vietnam War also have a significant web presence. Designed by a dedicated team at Texas Tech University, the Virtual Vietnam Archive "enables scholars, students and all interested in this remarkable period in our world history to conduct research directly from...
Vietnam War Era Ephemera Collection

The traumatic and unsettled backdrop of social and cultural change throughout the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s will not soon be forgotten by any of those persons who lived through that period. Some groups of people came together under the banner of the women's liberation movement, and still others surrounded themselves in the unifying guise of ethnic solidarity and pride, such...
Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC can be an emotional experience, and it has garnered substantial acclaim since it was unveiled in 1982. The people behind the Footnote historical records site recently crafted this interactive version of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and it's well worth a look. The interactive image was assembled from 6301 images photographed by Peter Krogh...
Kent State Shootings: Digital Archive

The shootings at Kent State University on May 4, 1970 were a key domestic event of the Vietnam War. People were outraged by the shootings and the tragedy dominated the media for days afterwards. This digital collection from Kent State University contains many items from their physical holdings that document those events, including photographs, oral histories, and so on. Visitors to the site can...