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View Resource Math in Daily Life

What are your odds of hitting it big at the casino? Should you buy or lease a car? How much will you have when you retire? All of these questions involve math, and this latest addition to the Annenberg Media Projects Learner Online site (described in the September 12, 1997 Scout Report) explores the use of basic mathematical concepts in daily decision-making. The exhibit is divided into several...
View Resource Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction

In recent years, community and technical colleges have quietly been developing a number of curriculum and instruction centers designed to provide a number of excellent resources for their faculty. The Maricopa Community College District has its own Maricopa Center For Learning and Instruction (MCLI) and their website is real find for those teaching at community colleges as well as those generally...
View Resource Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching

Based at the University of Plymouth, the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching has developed many instructional materials designed to help both novice and experienced math teachers. This particular area of their website provides access to a number of interactive mathematics tutorials. The materials are divided into eight units, including those that deal with factors, mathematical diagrams,...
View Resource Classmint

What if you could create beautiful visual notes to explain various concepts quickly and without much fuss? It would be rather useful and such a thing is possible with Classmint. This application allows users to create interactive study notes with annotations, audio content, and images explaining everything from ecology to Euclidean geometry. Visitors can check out the tutorial, then create a login...