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Botany -- California

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View Resource CalFlora Database

A collaborative project of the USDA Forest Service, the UC Berkeley Digital Library Project, the Bioinformatics Working Group (Texas A&M University), the UC Davis Information Center for the Environment, and others, the CalFlora database "contains geographic and ecological distribution information for 8363 California vascular plant taxa, including links to other online sources for California flora...
View Resource California Wildflowers

The California Academy of Sciences's (CAS) Botany Department hosts this interesting and beautiful site on California's wildflowers. Spectacular color photographs of over 125 species of wildflowers serve as illustrations to this electronic field guide. Users may browse species by flower color (white through brown), common name (Alpine Lily to Yerba Mansa), latin name (Achillea millefolium to ...
View Resource Jepson Flora Project

The Jepson Flora Project (Jepson Herbarium, University of California at Berkeley) maintains an updated checklist and distribution maps of plant taxa in California. This information was first published as The Jepson Manual (named after the original author) and is now an extensively illustrated guide to California's plants, refined and updated by over 200 authors. The Manual includes detailed...
View Resource The Natural History of the San Gabriel Mountains

This privately published Web site functions as a detailed natural history guide to California's San Gabriel Mountains. Users can access a wealth of detailed information regarding the region's plants, animals, weather conditions, etc. The road guides are so detailed that the reader may almost feel as if he or she is actually there. While the text is dense and images are few and far between, almost...
View Resource California Natural Diversity Database

What is the goal of the California Natural Diversity Database? Simply put, it is "a program that inventories the status and locations of rare plants and animals in California." On its page, visitors can look over a remarkable database of GIS-mapped locations, along with key facts about the database, a host of white papers, and information about its vegetation, classification, and mapping program....