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A Glossary of Political Economy Terms

Authored by Paul M. Johnson, political scientist at Auburn University, this Website serves as an excellent online reference for students of political economy. There are over 200 definitions here of relevant terms, including capitalism, communism, market economy, tariff, supply side economics, law of supply and demand, macroeconomics, and many more. The entries feature hypertext links to related...
IDEAS: Internet Documents in Economics Access Service

Christian Zimmerman of the Center for Research on Economic Fluctuations and Employment (CREFE) at the University of Quebec at Montreal, recently established the IDEAS (Internet Documents in Economics Access Service) site as a new end user interface to the RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) project at the well known NetEC (discussed in the January 10, 1997 Scout Report) meta resource. IDEAS is an...
CyberEconomics: An Analysis of Unintended Consequences

CyberEconomics is developed by Robert Schenk, Professor of Economics at Saint Joseph's College. The site is meant to be "an interactive supplement to a principles of economics course." CyberEconomics covers most of the topics in introductory microeconomics and macroeconomics. A short explanation of each topic is provided and at the end of each topic there is a review section consisting of multiple...
Supply Side University

Those who are interested in the intricacies of supply-side economics will find Jude Wanniski's Supply Side University a useful site for understanding the concepts of this theory. Wanniski, a well-known supply-side advocate, maintains SSU as a free "weekend school in supply-side economics," where the subject is taught in a political context. Included at present are four essays and 23 lessons...
Handbook in Economics

The Handbook in Economics site is provided by Elsevier, the publisher of the series. The site features an overview of the various Handbooks, a table of contents, and chapter summaries. Contents can be browsed or searched.
Swedish Working Papers in Economics (S - WoPEc)

Operated by the Stockholm School of Economics Library, this site provides electronic access to working papers from Swedish universities and research institutes. Currently, working papers from Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University, the Institute for International Economic Studies, Umea University, Lund University, Goteborg University and the Research Institute of Industrial Economics...
Dead Economists Society

This site was created by John McGinnis of Penn State University, as a tribute to classical liberal economists. Defined by McGinnis as those who "champion free markets, limited government, and the private property order," the site provides links to short biographical sketches and writings of classical liberal economists such as Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Hayek von Mises, Benjamin Franklin and John...
The Official Paul Krugman Web Page

The home page of Paul Krugman, Professor of Economics at the Massachussetts Institute of technology, contains links to online articles written by him on various topical issues related to the economy. The largest number of articles at the site hail from Krugman's monthly column "The Dismal Science" in Slate (discussed in the July 12, 1996 Scout Report). Recent articles cover issues such as the...
Teaching K-12 Economics

Sponsored by the University of Nebraska at Omaha Center for Economic Education (and part of the Economic Education Web), this website offers a panoply of resources for educators who may be looking for materials that will assist them in the teaching of basic and intermediate economic principles. Teachers can peruse sections that offer dozens of classroom activities and lesson plans, complete with...
Economics Network of the Higher Education Academy

The Higher Education Academy has a number of well-developed databases of materials designed for educators, and the Economics Network is one that should not be missed. The homepage includes a brief introduction to the network and an area designed particularly for newcomers to the site. On the right hand side of the homepage, visitors can take in economics podcasts and learn about new case studies,...
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