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View Resource Mutant Fungus from Space

Space expert Yuri Karash of Russia says that he anticipates that the Mir Space Station could bring virulent new strains of fungus to earth when it splashes down later this month. Various types of fungus, whose smell is the first thing visitors to Mir notice, grow behind panels and in air-conditioning units on the spacecraft and have likely mutated. This article from the BBC News online covers the...
View Resource The Fungi of California

This site was developed by two individuals with a strong interest in fungi and is intended to augment published field guides with numerous color photos of each species and frequent updates to taxonomy and nomenclature. The site includes only species that are found in California; however, many of these species may be found in other parts of North America. The site's current 357 species are easy to...
View Resource Tom Volk's Fungus of the Month for October 2002

Biologist Tom Volk of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse offers photos and an audio pronunciation guide of various fungi.
View Resource Flora and Fauna of the Great Lakes Region: A Multimedia Digital Collection

This Web site offers online access to selected materials from the Fish and Mammal Divisions of the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology and from the Fungus Collections of the University of Michigan Herbarium. Intended to facilitate use of the collections by the general user as well as the specialist researcher, this Web site offers four search options: by specific collection or group of...
View Resource Attack of the Killer Fungus!

The US Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service presents a Sci4Kids article about mushroom farms, killer green mold, and a case of mistaken (taxonomic) identity. Written for younger kids, this short, colorful article includes pronunciation help, Web links, and a brief explanation of the difference between mushrooms and molds. While no lesson plans are provided, the story could...
View Resource NZFUNGI: New Zealand Fungi

Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research -- "New Zealand's foremost environmental research organization" -- presents NZFUNGI, a free database for information on the systematics, conservation, pathology, and ecology of New Zealand's fungi. Integrating a number of pre-existing Landcare Research databases, NZFUNGI contains botanical, bibliographic, and curatorial information for thousands of New Zealand...
View Resource IndexFungorum: The CABI Bioscience and CBS Database of Fungal Names

This database of fungal names -- IndexFungorum -- is just one of many biological databases from CABI Bioscience, a branch of CAB International: a development agency formed from 40 member countries to "support the generation, access to and use of knowledge for sustainable agriculture, environment management, and human development." The fungal names database is a joint project of CABI Bioscience and...
View Resource Natural Perspective: The Fungus Kingdom

This well-crafted website on The Fungus Kingdom was created by Ari and Susan Kornfeld, long-time naturalists and presently students at Humboldt State University. Their website provides a good overview of The Fungus Kingdom, and would be useful to educators introducing students to Fungi or to anyone interested in learning about the fascinating world of Fungi. In addition to providing concise...
View Resource Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History: The Fungus Among Us

Created by the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, this website on fungus is fun and informative. The site provides information on variety of fungus topics including Fungal Science, Funky Fungi Facts, Fungal Folklore, Finding Fungi, and more. One great site feature is the Meet the Mushrooms: Fungi A-Z, which allows site visitors to locate scientific names, information, and beautiful photos of...
View Resource University of Montreal: Fungal Mitochondrial Genome Project

Supported by the Medical Research Council of Canada, the Fungal Mitochondrial Genome Project (FMGP) is a project of B. Franz Lang and his research group at the University of Montreal. Three "goals of FMGP are to (i) sequence complete mitochondrial genomes from all major fungal lineages, (ii) infer a robust fungal phylogeny, (iii) define the origin of fungi, their protistan ancestors, and their...
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