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View Resource Economics 3LL3: History of Economic Thought

As part of its History of Economic Thought class, McMaster University of Hamilton, Ontario has made available a virtual library of partial or complete works of influential economists. The site currently covers nearly 70 economists, including Jeremy Bentham, David Hume, Thomas Malthus, Alfred Marshall, Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill, Vilfredo Pareto, David Ricardo, Adam Smith, and Thorstein Veblen,...
View Resource Economic History Services

This server, operated by Eh.Net as part of a grant received from the National Science Foundation, is an outstanding central source of information for anyone interested in economic history. Highlights of the site include a collection of economic history abstracts, book reviews, data sets, approximately 100 syllabi from courses in Economic History and the History of Economics, and a comprehensive...
View Resource Dead Economists Society

This site was created by John McGinnis of Penn State University, as a tribute to classical liberal economists. Defined by McGinnis as those who "champion free markets, limited government, and the private property order," the site provides links to short biographical sketches and writings of classical liberal economists such as Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Hayek von Mises, Benjamin Franklin and John...
View Resource Canada says goodbye to the humble one cent coin

Now the Canadian penny's days are numbered, is the nickel next? Canadian penny to join ranks of shinplasters, half-crowns So long, Canadian penny. I won't miss...