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Games in mathematics education.

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Seventeen fun, Web-based educational games are on's Numbers site. The games cover basic arithmetic, fractions, graphs, algebra, and many other topics. Math Baseball is the most popular game on the site, which awards singles, doubles, or triples depending on the difficulty of the question. All of the games have varying levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to "Super Brain." There is...
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Multiflyer is an interactive game "for anyone who is trying to learn or 'brush up on' their multiplication." The user is in a virtual space ship and is faced with several missions on the moon, Mars, the asteroid belt, and more. To advance to each subsequent mission, the correct coordinates need to be calculated. This is where multiplication is necessary, and the user is provided with an excellent...
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Developed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Online division, this interactive site contains age-appropriate and visually-appealing games designed to help young people understand basic number concepts. There are fifteen games in total, all of which may be downloaded for use in the classroom or at home, at no charge. Some of the games include activities that allow students to design...