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A Primer for Making Cost Adjustments in Education

In late January 2001, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released this new publication. Published January 29th, A Primer for Making Cost Adjustments in Education gives advice to administrators for figuring cost adjustments in line with inflation. Independently written by William J. Fowler, Jr. and David H. Monk, the report considers the need to make cost adjustments in line with...
The Big Payoff: Educational Attainment and Synthetic Estimates of Work-Life Earnings

While one has undoubtedly heard or seen such statistics before, they aren't always at hand when you need them. Released by the Public Information Office of the US Census Bureau, The Big Payoff is a readily absorbed reference item for anyone looking to quantify and/or justify academic achievement. Drawing on statistics taken from the 2000 census, the brief clearly demonstrates the direct...
Opening Doors: Students' Perspectives on Juggling Work, Family, and College

A Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation's report, Opening Doors: Students' Perspectives on Juggling Work, Family, and College sheds light on factors sometimes overlooked by legislators and policymakers as they seek to better the circumstances of America's underclass. Recognizing the critical role of education and vocational training in improving upward mobility, key players effectively fail...
The Multicultural Pavillion: EdTech & Digital Divide

The Multicultural Pavillion is part of EdChange, a website is founded and maintained by Paul C. Gorski, Ph.D., which provides "resources and dialogue for equity in education." This section on Ed Tech & Digital Divide offers online resources and articles on the digital divide and multicultural e-learning. Gorksi has also posted a 28-page report that combines various conference presentations,...
Commercialism in Education Research Unit

The Arizona State University’s College of Education has a distinguished record of conducting important research through its numerous research centers and institutes. One of these groups is the Commercialism in Education Research Unit (CERU), which was formerly located at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The CERU conducts research about commercial activities in schools, and its staff members...
Public School Finance

This issue of Topic in Depth explores some of the resources available online regarding school finance. The first article from the RAND Review (1) discusses the challenges involved in meeting the ambitious goals established by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act and the need to develop a school accountability system that can provide "the incentives and resources that the schools really need to help...
Global Education Digest 2007

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics publishes numerous technical guides and strategy papers every year, and this particular document is both timely and important. The Global Education Digest 2007 offers a comparative look at education statistics and spending across the world, and there are a number of findings that are particularly revealing within its pages. One such finding is that governments...
The Wallace Foundation

Based in New York, the Wallace Foundation is a national philanthropy that seeks "to improve education and enrichment for disadvantaged children." Visitors to their website can learn more about their outreach and research programs through their Primary Topics area. Here, they can read about recent findings that deal with the importance of strong school leaderships, informal learning outside of the...