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Underwater acoustics

View Resource Ocean Acoustics Lab: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) (mentioned in the October 29, 1998 Scout Report for Science & Engineering), one of the world's leading research institutes in oceanography, hosts this page on ocean acoustics research. Hyperlinked project descriptions are accompanied by color graphics and cover four main topics: Acoustic Monitoring of Sediment Transport, Ocean Acoustic Tomography...
View Resource An Investigation of the Feasibility of Employing Hydroacoustic Monitoring as a Means to Detect the Presence and Movement of Large, Adult Eels (Genus Anguilla)

This 1999 USGS research report by Alex Haro and others was produced in response to the possible decline in American eel populations. Prompted by the lack of information on the behavior of downstream migrant eels at hydroelectric dams and other obstructions, researchers used hydroacoustic monitoring to attempt to monitor "the spatial and temporal patterns of behavior of large (> 70 cm) eels in...