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View Resource Institute for Global Ethics

A number of organizations and think-tanks have taken on the most pressing questions of our day, but relatively few have addressed such quandaries as basic as “Are there a core of shared, moral values?” In 1990, the Institute for Global Ethics started with this crucial inquiry and expanded their scope to work towards understanding these values. From the homepage, visitors can read through their...
View Resource Online Ethics Center at the National Academy of Engineering

Engineering is a key part of the modern world, and many engineering students (and teachers) crave high-quality materials on engineering ethics. Fortunately for such individuals, the Online Ethics Center (OEC) is a great place to find such materials. The OEC became an activity of the National Academy of Engineering in March 2007, and since then their online offerings have grown significantly. The...
View Resource European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies

More and more governmental agencies and bodies are having sustained conversations about the ethical concerns raised by new technologies and scientific discoveries. One such governmental body interested in these questions is the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies. Convened by the European Commission, the group is composed of fifteen experts who examine various ethical...
View Resource Ethics Education Library

Based at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), the Ethics Education Library seeks "to connect people interested in developing new and interesting ethics training methods and programs, to disseminate best practices and tools that have already been developed, and to ultimately foster the creation of new methods and programs for teaching students about ethical issues inherent in research and...
View Resource Anthropology Ethics: Online Resources

Studying humankind can give us great insight into the complexities of society and culture. However, any research involving human subjects comes with a thorny set of ethical considerations. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Ethics Center has curated this collection of online resources related to ethical dilemmas and situations in anthropology. The materials are divided into four areas: Case...