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Immigrants -- United States

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View Resource Westward by Sea: A Maritime Perspective on American Expansion, 1820-1890

This online research compilation is a part of the Library of Congress’s American Memory collection and presents pictorial and textual materials illustrating major themes in the history of maritime westward expansion. Some of these themes include the California Gold Rush, the roles of women, the immigrant experience, whaling life, life at sea, shipping, and native populations. Covering a wide...
View Resource The Older Foreign-Born Population in the United States: 2000

The United States Census Bureau periodically issues brief reports highlighting research based on the latest Census; this particular report deals with the changing demographics of the older foreign-born population in the United States. Based on a random sample of 57,000 households, the 19-page report contains information about socioeconomic characteristics of this cohort, including marital status,...
View Resource Lower East Side Tenement Museum

The majority of National Trust Park properties commemorate the lives of famous politicians and other well-known Americans, but the Lower East Side Tenement Museum commemorates the everyday (and in some cases extraordinary) lives of some of the 7,000 immigrants who lived at 97 Orchard Street from 1863 to 1935. At the site, visitors can take virtual tours of immigrant family apartments, including...
View Resource Demography and the Social Contract

In this 55-page working paper from the Office of Population Research at Princeton, Marta Tienda examines the relationship between demography and the social contract in the United States, with a particular emphasis placed on historical and contemporary debates about the nature of immigration. As Professor Tienda states in her work, "immigration strains commitment to the democratic principles of...
View Resource Survey of Mexican Migrants

The Pew Hispanic Center has been generating some interesting work lately, and this latest survey administered to nearly 5,000 Mexican migrants is worth a closer look. The 35-page report authored by Roberto Suro shows that almost half of the respondents would like to stay in the United States for the rest of their lives, or at least for as long as they are able. Interestingly enough, the survey...
View Resource Migration Policy Institute

Founded in 2001, the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) evolved from a program at the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace. Since its inception, the MPI has been dedicated to examining the trends and processes associated with the movement of various people worldwide. The homepage offers a wide array of resources for the general public, journalists, and academicians. Looking at the “In Focus”...
View Resource Arts of Citizenship

A wide range of scholars and students are doing publicly engaged, innovative work in the arts, humanities, and design at the University of Michigan. This website brings together much of their work in a visually engaging, compelling way. Front and center on this homepage is a blog, which contains links to conversations about historic landmarks, graduate student summer internships, creating a "new"...

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View Resource Citizenship Works

This website provides online tools "to help low and moderate-income individuals to answer important questions about their eligibility for naturalization, to better understand the naturalization process, and to prepare for the naturalization tests." The site represents the collective efforts of the Immigration Advocates Network and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, and it includes an interactive...

View Resource Immigrant Assimilation into US Prisons, 1900-1930

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) conducts research on a wide range of topics and its work is frequently cited by scholars around the world. This intriguing piece was authored by Carolyn M. Moehling and Anne Morrison Piehl and released in May 2013. The 39-page paper looks into the statistical patterns behind immigrant assimilation into US prisons from 1900-1930 by drawing on newly...

View Resource Immigrant Heritage Month

June is Immigrant Heritage Month, and this site is alive with stories of America's diverse citizenry. Readers may view uploaded videos, tweets and retweets, photographs, inspiring quotes, and, above all, the many, many stories of those who have come to America looking for a better life. Some of the stories, such as a Vietnamese man's first encounter with snow, are humorous; others, such as...

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