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View Resource House of Commons Library Research Briefings

The UK House of Commons has recently created a site that offers access to the full text of Research Papers (Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] format only) which are compiled for the benefit of British Members of Parliament by the staff of the House of Commons Library. An occasional series focusing on topics of current parliamentary interest, the papers, "aim to be politically impartial and contain factual...
View Resource Eliminating World Poverty: Making Globalization Work for the Poor

Published in early December 2000 by Prime Minister Blair and the British Secretary of State Clare Short, this second White Paper from the UK government on International Development discusses strategies for making the rapid development that has accompanied globalization benefit the world's poor more. The lengthy publication presents information and makes recommendations concerning third world...
View Resource Downing Street Says

It's hard to sort out the world of political spin in the United States, and certainly the situation in Britain is rather similar in this regard. Fortunately, a collection of civic-minded individuals have created this website, which serves to bring the daily briefings offered by the British Prime Minister's Official Spokesmen direct to internet browsers. Essentially, twice a day (when Parliament is...
View Resource The National Archives: The Cabinet Papers, 1915-1977

Peering into the world of any nation's government can be quite revealing, and this look into the British government is quite a generous one. Created by the National Archives in Britain, this site affords interested parties comprehensive access to Cabinet papers from 1915-1977. Visitors can browse through these papers by themes that include "Diplomacy and foreign relations", "Finance and the...