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Entitlement spending -- United States

View Resource Testimony of Chairman Alan Greenspan before the Task Force on Social Security of the Committee on the Budget

Alan Greenspan's testimony to the Senate highlights concerns about the sustainability of Social Security in its current form in the future. The Social Security system currently collects more in taxes than benefits paid out, with the excess held in the Trust Fund. But this is expected to change in 2014 when the baby boomers and increased longevity of retirees is likely to result in benefits...
View Resource Modernization of Food Stamp Program Almost Complete

Started in 1939, the food stamp program administered by the United States Department of Agriculture is one of the entitlement programs designated to provide a safety net for Americans. The program enjoys some of the greatest bipartisan support and continues to be immensely successful. Earlier this week, the Department of Agriculture announced that the paper stamps which have been issued under the...