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Molecular biology -- Study and teaching


The Biology Project: An Interactive Online Resource for Learning Biology

Faculty and staff at the University of Arizona have developed an "interactive online resource for learning biology" based on an entry-level biology course, for use by high school and college-level students. The site is divided into seven subject areas: biochemistry, cell biology, developmental biology, human biology, Mendelian genetics, immunology, and molecular biology. Within each subject there...
Immunobiology 5th Edition Animations

This flashy site from Garland Publishing is intended as a companion to their textbook Immunobiology 5th edition, but should be useful to all students of molecular biology. The site presents a color cartoon animation with accompanying captions on each immunological action -- antigen recognition, NF-ATc activation, and cytokine signaling, to name a few . Users can control the animation speed and...
Online Macromolecular Museum

As the creators of the Online Macromolecular Museum (OMM) explain, macromolecules are "scientific objects in much the same sense as fossil bones or dried specimens: they can be archived, studied, and displayed in aesthetically pleasing, educational exhibits." OMM is a valuable resource for visualizing structures involved in cellular processes, providing virtual galleries devoted to catalysis,...
Introductory Biology

This lovely offering from the MIT OpenCourseWare project takes interested parties through the world of biology via course readings, discussion questions, assignments, and exams. The topics cover genetics, cell biology, molecular biology, developmental biology, and evolution. The Study Terms section is quite useful, as it covers a host of useful terms from cell signaling, immunology, cancer...