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View Resource SOHO: The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

The SOHO homepage offers a wealth of information about the SOHO mission and spacecraft. The Latest Images shows the daily solar images from the SOHO instruments. Included in the SOHO archive are catalogues; ancillary, summary, and synoptic data; and telemetry. Information is also available about the mission of the SOHO project, instruments used, and institutions involved in the project. The Solar...
View Resource Solar Max 2000

This new exhibit from the Exploratorium (last discussed in the August 6, 1999 Scout Report) is a content-rich examination of the upcoming "solar maximum." The year 2000, it is believed, will see the highest degree of sunspot activity for the current solar cycle. The result may be geomagnetic storms that disrupt power grids, radio broadcasts, and satellites, as well as unusually vibrant displays of...
View Resource Solar Radiation Storm

This past week has offered much excitement for space weather scientists and enthusiasts, alike. On Friday July 14, a major flare shot off the surface of the sun, pummeling Earth with a massive solar-radiation storm that interfered with satellite and radio communications and delayed a Russian space launch. The flare was one of the most powerful of the current eleven-year solar cycle (and the...
View Resource Sun-Earth Connection

One of three divisions within the Office of Space Science at NASA, the Sun-Earth Connection has the primary goal of understanding the Sun, Heliosphere, and planetary environments as a single connected system. The Web site offers visitors information on space science missions including the Living with a Star and Solar Terrestrial Probes mission. Meeting notes and official reports can be viewed...
View Resource Student Observation Network: Tracking a Solar Storm

At this NASA website, students and educators can find numerous materials on the changes in the activity of the sun. The site is divided into four topics: sunspotters, radio waves, magnetosphere, and auroral friends. Within each of these components, users can find fun and educational activities as well as information and data from observatories and satellites. For instance, in the Sunspotters link,...