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View Resource CRCnetBASE: The Mechatronics Handbook

Mechatronics is a multi-disciplinary field that has evolved considerably in the past few years, especially with recent advances in nanotechnology and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). To make the Mechatronics Handbook reflect this fact, almost 90 people from industry and academia contributed to its creation. Published in 2002, the book "provides a unique, detailed overview of this vibrant,...
View Resource Microelectronics Research Center (MiRC)

The Microelectronics Research Center (MiRC) is set up to "enable and facilitate interdisciplinary research in microelectronics, integrated optoelectronics, and microsensors and actuators". Participants come from a variety of academic disciplines within engineering (i.e. electrical, computer, chemical, materials, and mechanical), the sciences (i.e. physics, chemistry and mathematics), and from...
View Resource National Microelectronics Research Center

Ireland's National Microelectronics Research Center (NMRC) at the University College, Cork, conducts research on information and communications technologies. The organization identifies and addresses "key emerging technological challenges" and focuses on "the development of core technology competencies that will yield technology platforms for future high impact innovation and commercial...
View Resource IBM: Electrochemical Technology in Microelectronics

The current issue of the bimonthly IBM Journal of Research and Development features articles on electrochemical technology in microelectronics. Most of the articles address some of the issues that have arisen in this rapidly expanding field, especially as the dimensions of the features of microelectronic components have decreased. Other articles discuss cache prefetching, logic-based embedded DRAM...
View Resource Georgia Tech: Microelectronics

The mission of the Microelectronics Research Center of Georgia Tech is "to facilitate research on a variety of new materials, device structures, and micro-electromechanical systems." The group has established a silicon CMOS processing baseline and a procedure for equipment and processing training, which it calls the Platform. The Center makes the Platform available to the Georgia Tech community...