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Magnetic resonance imaging

The Basics of MRI

The Basics of MRI is a hypertextbook by Dr. Joseph Hornak of the Rochester Institute of Technology that focuses on the mathematics and physics of magnetic resonance imaging. "Exponential Functions," "Differentials and Integrals," and "Coordinate Transformation" are just a few of the mathematical topics discussed. The physics behind MRI is broken down into the following chapters: "Spin Physics,"...
The fMRI Data Center

Maintained by Dartmouth College, the fMRI Data Center serves as a repository for the functional magnetic resonance imaging data for peer-reviewed, published studies. Intended to help the fMRI research community "speed the progress and the understanding of cognitive processes and the neural substrates that underlie them," the fMRI Data Center is in the process of making all datasets and associated...
The Illusion of Presence in Immersive Virtual Reality During an fMRI Brain Scan

As part of a project involving the Human Interface Technology Laboratory at the University of Washington, the feasibility of using virtual reality devices during brain scans was tested. The fMRI brain scan measures brain activity when the subject is engaging in different mental activities, which are usually prompted by exposing the subject to video stimuli. The authors of this paper attempted to...
Interactive Course on Magnetic Resonance Imagining

As the health care professions continue to attract talented individuals, online resources have become an attractive way to learn new skills and supplement classroom learning. This website offers interested parties a step-by-step, interactive course on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). It's worth noting that the site has received several awards from organizations such as the Radiological Society of...