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Guided Tour on Wind Energy

The Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association provides the Guided Tour on Wind Energy site. This tour caters to both the expert and the novice of wind energy. Sections included at the site are Wind Energy Resources, Computing Wind Turbine Energy Output, How does a Wind Turbine Work?, Designing a Wind Turbine, Research and Development in Wind Energy, Wind Energy in the Electrical Grid, and Wind...
National Renewable Energy Laboratory: New Pubs

The US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory offers a New Publications page that contains five recently published reports freely available to view or download. The documents include: NREL Institutional Plan, 2001-2005; Photovoltaic Energy Program Overview, Fiscal Year 2000; Scenarios for a Clean Energy Future: Interlaboratory Working Group on Energy-Efficient and Clean-Energy...

EnviroMission is an Australian company that intends to construct a massive solar tower between New South Wales and Victoria. Scheduled for completion in 2005, the energy producing tower is remarkable in a number of ways. Most notably, the tower will be about one kilometer tall, taller than any other manmade structure. Furthermore, it is not a conventional solar power installation, as it will not...
2001 Annual Energy Review

The US Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration (EIA) describes itself as providing policy-independent data, forecasts, and analyses to promote sound policy making, efficient markets, and public understanding regarding energy and its interaction with the economy and the environment. The EIA Web site provides many informational pages and publications including the newly released...
Power from the

The book Solar Energy Systems Design is offered in a newly revised and free version on this Web site. It is an excellent resource to learn about solar power and the technology that is used to harness it. Seven chapters describe how the sun itself produces energy, how the sun's position relative to the earth's surface effects energy system generation, and how various collectors work. In addition to...
Environmental News Network

The Environmental News Network (ENN) has as its primary goal to educate the world about environmental issues facing our Earth. People can freely read articles that change daily on the latest news that affects our planet, read stories from major environmental organizations, search past stories, learn about upcoming events on the provided calendar, listen online to EarthNews Radio, and more. An...
The Solar Decathlon

In October 2002, teams of students from universities around the US competed in the Solar Decathlon, an eleven-day event that challenges the participants "to design, build, and operate the most effective and efficient solar-powered house." The Solar Decathlon homepage features information about the contest, the different designs, and the experiences of each team. Contestants also share their...
Wind Energy for Electric Power: An REPP Issue Brief

This 29-page paper "focuses on utility-scale electricity generation from wind and provides an overview of the history, technologies, economics, environmental impacts, regulations and policies related to this use of wind power." Published by the Renewable Energy Policy Project and updated in November 2003, the document outlines recent trends in turbine technology that have made wind energy more...
The British Wind Energy Association

The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) is the professional Association for the UK wind industry, which represents over 300 companies. The BWEA released a report February 24, 2004 showing that "over a gigawatt of new wind capacity will be installed in the UK over the next 24 months, with an investment of over £1 billion and an end result of enough clean electricity to power a million homes."...
Home Power Magazine

Home Power Magazine has been a resource for "home-scale renewable energy and sustainable living solutions" since 1987. Articles from the current issue of the magazine are available to download free of charge on this website. Some older articles are also posted in the Downloads section. For visitors wanting to find out what back issue to purchase, the HP archive includes a search function and...
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